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What About the Name...

Simply Put...

For one, Mariah liked it the best. My favorite was "Field Notes" because Field is my maiden name- that one was suggested by my dear friend Elissa Preston... and I plan to make it an album title. My original suggestion was Project Simple... but we didn't think that would sound right for music. So it became Simply Put... and that works for at least these 2 reasons:

The songs all tell stories. Mariah always loves to point that out. I kind of chuckle because don't ALL songs tell stories (insert question mark- my parrot ate that key on my keyboard) Anyways, mine do usually have a real story to tell, or sometimes fictional characters, but mostly my own experiences.

Most importantly and reason #2- it's a great reminder to "keep it simple". Creating a band, an online presence, a fan base, trying to get quality gigs, merchandise, sound... seriously this stuff gets complex and can be overwhelming. Sometimes it's the name of our band that is the reminder to us- and to me- "hey, keep it simple. this is about making music. this is about doing what you love. this is about being real, being here, right now. "

It wasn't my first choice for the name, but yeah... it was the right choice. I need that reminder to keep things simple. It completely resets me.

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