I Said the "A" Word and Why It Matters

I had a great last minute opportunity to play on the radio last night. I got to the station and met a guy who happened to be raising money for an SLE (sober living environment) in town. I happened to mention that many of my songs are written about addiction and recovery, Naturally, on air, that's exactly what came up. I was asked a question "Was music something that helped you through some of those hard times or was it something you always had..." I began to respond "I was trying to play music while I was having hard times..." and I was interrupted by the radio host, who asked me exactly what "hard times" meant. Flustered for a moment, live on air with thousands of listeners, and being live-streamed on fb to a thousand more.... OK, I thought to myself... I am going to go there...

"I struggled with addiction of my own".

Anyone who listens to the lyrics of my songs may have caught on to this. The song "Hello Baby" is written from the perspective of the bottle, calling to the despondent alcoholic who spends day after day repeating the cycle, only to be interrupted briefly by hope. The lyrics in the bridge there are :

"Hello baby it's you and me, again, alone again (the bottle's perspective)

Except for that one damn bird (hope)

sits in your window and sings to you all night

as soon as you close your eyes

an untimely reminder of a pending sunrise

another "maybe today" (what I used to say to myself every day before I got sober) is gone, really is your life disposable son...."

And the lyrics t