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Lauren Wahl is a Santa Cruz based singer-songwriter and lead singer of her band Simply Put.  A musician in the local circuit for many years, Wahl enjoyed her roles in bands such as "The Bluetail Flies", "Flypaper Blues" and "The Wild Rovers" before deciding to focus on her own songwriting and music. 


Wahl is a classically trained vocalist who studied under the tutelage of Andy Anselmo and John Harris at The Singer's Forum, NYC and The Connecticut Conservatory of Arts and Music, and grew up in a musical household-her father Robert Field (of The Florida Intergenerational Orchestra) is a composer and pianist.


Wahl began songwriting for herself in her late 20's while teaching herself guitar.  Her music naturally reflects upon the human condition as she pulls from her experiences as a wife, mother, nurse and recovering addict with a complex childhood.  Her songs are rich with stories of her experiences and others who are overcoming personal trauma and questioning social norms. Her unique perspectives as a modern woman craving a work/life balance is an obvious influence in her lyrics.   Favoring minor key tonality and pulling from folk roots, as a soloist Wahl's songs range from soul-full ballads to the occasional comedic parody.

When performing with her band Simply Put or listening to Wahl's released music, the layers of complexity and depth co-existing with raw emotions becomes an entirely new experience.  Soloing instruments, delicately placed riffs and percussion make room for soaring vocals and harmonies that ebb and flow throughout the songs from start to finish.  The collaboration of talented and accomplished musicians who accompany Wahl live and in the studio adds a fresh, playful and addictive sound that keeps fans coming back again and again.  

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